Elegant and cool silhouettes, nodding to traditional Indian attire, are stitched in handcrafted raw natural fabrics


Expressing synergy in the growth of the plants that we are wearing, with our own self-growth, styles feature botanical inspired lines and detailing


A collection of relaxed minimalistic separates, to embody the natural pureness of life


To be contented with yourself as you are, is simplicity | Osho


Made in Hand spun & Hand woven cottons; Denim, Organic Feel-Linen, Textured Cloth & Organic Nutraseed, a special brown-coloured seed cotton grown in Karnataka, all sourced from rural Gujarati artisans


Brought to life in collaboration with specially selected makers in India,

to ensure conscious benefit to all of the skilled persons it takes to make a high-quality garment


Fool Dost 2017 Collection

Location | Goa, India

Art Direction & Styling | Laura Halliwell

Photographer | Olga Vetrova 

Model | Karla Pires

H&MU | Venera Mazurenko