We select fabrics which are the least harmful for the environment and the people who process them. Sourcing with intention is an ongoing journey for us, and so this page will be updated with all of the fabrics used in our current styles. Our quest to learn more about the source of the original fibre, the truth of the processes involved taking fibre to yarn, the weaving and the dyeing means that we are always gaining more knowledge which we want to share with you:


Organic & Handwoven Cotton 

Woven on handlooms in Gujurat, north west India.


Banana Viscose (Regenerated Cellulose Fibre)

Our Banana-plant derived fabric is woven on a powered handloom and is dyed with natural pigments in Gujarat. The fibre of the banana tree is the bi-product of banana fruit production, banana trees live and produce fruit for around 6 years. Making it a more sustainable option for creating this super soft manufactured fabric, which is also biodegradable. 


Nutraseed Organic Cotton

A rare, naturally brown colour cotton seed (rather than the off-white most cotton is), native to the southern state of Karnataka, is woven on handlooms in Gujarat. 




We are committed to reducing harmful chemical involvement in the fabric process which has a negative impact on the environment, and also on the skin, when producing and wearing garments dyed with standard strong chemicals. We choose to use herbal bleach, 100% Azo-free dyes and natural pigment dyes. 





Plain foldable cardboard box and eco acid-free paper tape which are fully recyclable and biodegradable. Kindly tear off the postal labels and place the box in your recycling deposit. 


The garment is protected in acid-free tissue paper, and a sealed poly-bag - something we are on a mission to find an appropriate and viable alternative for! 


The tags and printed materials are made from handmade cotton paper and 50-100% recycled paper stocks.