The skills involved to craft textiles and garments in this notoriously exploited region can be a powerful catalyst for empowerment and alleviating poverty if respected and nurtured. We partner with meaningful organisations to bring our designs to life. 

Fool Dost has grown through trust and collaboration. Finding beauty in healthy relationships that serve people and do good things in the world. 

Because we all need more of that!


Master-G India

Fool Dost collaborates with the inspiring women and men of the MasterG India network to conceive our collections, supporting skill development in the region.

With a philosophy to use apparel design as a medium to question the status quo, MasterG India intends to create hope and propel marginalized communities into leading lives of dignity by providing them the opportunity to realize their potential. An eco - system of ethical garment manufacturing where MasterG graduates hold key positions in the studio.

Our partnership is an appropriate way for the existence of Fool Dost to behave sustainably, by supporting the societal changes required for improved standards, equality and empowerment. Not to mention how we thrive on the affinity (and lunch breaks of street chow mien and chole bhature) we have with the whole team! 

See more of this journey of ours on our Instagram stories & on www.masterg.in



With a vision to create a refined manufacturing environment and produce garments to positively transform the international reputation of 'Made In India', our partner manufacturer studios provide a hand-cut and stitch service in small quantities for independent labels like Fool Dost. Teams of highly skilled karigars with an eye for detail use superior finishing details to craft a high-quality, ethical product in New Delhi. 



Exploring nature through aspiring people, our fabric suppliers locate, produce and supply some of the best qualities of patiently made fabrics in India. 

We strive to source fabrics of an eco-friendly nature and are committed to partnering with suppliers which value the people who weave, dye and craft the fabrics.

Learn more about each of our fabrics that we use here.