Bringing it to life


Designed by Laura Halliwell between London and New Delhi, the creation of the Fool Dost collection actively engages with organisations working for the betterment of livelihoods in northern India, particularly underprivileged women, and skill-focused organisations in the notoriously exploited garment crafting sector in New Delhi. 

From the weaving of the fabric to pattern making, sample development to the finishing touches, mutually beneficial shared experiences are created throughout the process, the essence of fair trade.

My mission is to create a living, evolving label that embodies natural lifestyle for the neo bohemian woman, and exists via consciously utilising skilled creatives in Northern India. Read more about the partners we've worked with below | Laura Halliwell, Creative Director & Founder


Fool Dost and MasterG India partner for the Fool Dost x MasterG Apprenticeship scheme for the collection's sampling development. MasterG India is a professional garment skills training programme aimed at marginalised and migrant communities in New Delhi, It helps prevent the breaking of the cycle between education and employment due to the social and cultural barriers of India. MasterG helps people to earn a living with dignity in a notoriously informal and exploitative industry. The founder of MasterG, designer Gayatri Jolly, set up this valuable program after returning from Parsons School of Design, New York when she began interacting with informal, home-based workers in Delhi and was exposed to the sub-standard skill development conducted in the name of "vocational training". The MasterG curriculum has been successfully implemented and rigorously tested in a pilot program with Adharshila Trust in New Delhi and is now available in three locations of the National Capital Region supported by Adharshila and other partners. On discovering the program, Fool Dost immediately wanted to be part of this direct way to make a difference and we initialled the Apprenticeship scheme in 2016, See more of this journey on our instagram account @fool_dost



Cutting & Stitching...

With a vision to create a refined manufacturing environment and produce product to positively transform the international reputation of 'Made In India', Our partner manufacturer studio provides a hand-cut and stitch service in small quantities for brands like Fool Dost. A team of highly skilled karigars with an eye for detail use superior finishing details to craft a high-quality, ethical product in a beautiful light-filled studio located on the greenest block of Shahpur Jat, the creative hub of New Delhi.


Spinning & Weaving...

Exploring nature through aspiring people our fabric supplier is the connection between weavers of Handspun and Handwoven fabrics to commercial customers. They locate, produce and supply some of the best qualities of patiently hand-made fabrics, some organic, that belong to specific geographical locations in India, eco friendly fabrics that sing silent poetries of the generations that have passed on making this 'khadi' fabric, These fabrics are now reviving to meet the modern consumer's diverse and specific needs. This is an initiative to encourage hand crafted Textile development in India.